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2015 Falcons draft grades: Looking at the marks for the team's second day haul

The Falcoholic's Falcons fans weigh in on the team's second and third round selections.

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The Falcons walked away from Friday's portion of the draft with LSU cornerback Jalen Collins and Indiana running back Tevin Coleman. Neither of those positions represent the team's greatest needs, in my humble opinion, both both players have a legitimate chance to be terrific starters in the NFL.

With that in mind, I wanted to briefly explore the grades being handed out for these two selections.We've only got one concrete grade from those of you here, but using the power of science, I wound up delivering a rough grade for Coleman anyways. We'll have more complete grades for the entire draft tomorrow night or Sunday morning.

Jalen Collins

The Falcoholic

Jalen Collins poll

This is about what I expected. Collins is one of the more talented cornerbacks in the draft and an excellent fit for Dan Quinn's defense as a tall, physical press corner, but he's not a refined player and he's had some failed drug tests in the past. It seems like most have high hopes but are a little skeptica.

Tevin Coleman

I forgot a draft poll for Coleman, somehow, so I trawled the comments on The Falcoholic to get a sense. I'd say the pick clocks in at the B-/B range, given the mix of comments that were appreciative of his talent but also questioning whether the Falcons should sink a third round pick into running back. I think most appreciate his talent.

What grades would you give out?