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Potential Falcons free agent target Joe Barksdale signs with Chargers

The Falcons will roll with what they've got at tackle.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The Chargers have signed former Rams tackle Joe Barksdale, which officially takes the Falcons out of the running for his services.

We're not privy to contract talks, so we don't know what was going on with Barksdale, and why the Falcons elected to sign Tyler Polumbus instead of the younger, more talented Barksdale. My guess? Cost, which would also help to explain why Barksdale languished in free agency while guys with less ability were signed by teams.

I'm hopeful that Ryan Schraeder or Lamar Holmes can step up in a big way at right tackle, and perhaps the Falcons have enough faith in that outcome that they weren't willing to spend too much for Barksdale. That's a gamble, of course, but the Falcons are certainly gambling a bit on their offensive line in general this season. We can do little more than hope it works out.

The Chargers are remote enough from the Falcons that I feel comfortable wishing Barksdale luck. Let's hope our tackle corps is terrific without him.