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Remarkable Progress on Falcons' New Stadium

Visit to enjoy a time lapse video illustrating the progress that's been made on Atlanta's new stadium over the past year.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

During the 2014 season, it was pretty impressive to see the continual progress taking place at the site of the Falcons' new stadium, set to be operational for the 2017 season. Over on, you can see a time lapse video overview illustrating how much progress has been made over the entire first year of construction.

It's quite an undertaking to complete a construction project of this magnitude, and the stadium design team meets for five hours each Tuesday to discuss the work schedule and ensure that key deadlines are being met and the project stays on schedule.

At this point, the concrete base for the stadium has been poured and they've begun the installation of the key utility infrastructures for the structure. Over the next year, we'll see the exterior of the facility take shape, and by this time in 2016, the stadium should resemble more closely the artist renderings we've seen to date.

The video is worth watching to get a sense of just how far this project has come, and just to refresh your memory on what to expect from the finished product, check out the fly-through rendering of the new stadium, too.

What are your thoughts on the progress that's been made with the new stadium?