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Report: William Moore still rehabbing, should be ready by training camp

Fact: William Moore wasn't ready once; the hole in the ozone layer tripled in size

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons strong safety William Moore likes to hit hard. Moore craves contact, even when he's recovering from a separated right shoulder. You could say he's always ready for it. That mentality is what makes him a fantastic player. It's also what shortened his 2014 campaign.

If you recall, Moore first separated his shoulder in week 4 last season. He spent time on injured reserve before returning. He then re-injured his shoulder in December. This off-season, he underwent surgery to address the issue, and the outlook is cautiously optimistic.

"When will I be back on the field? When I get cleared,'' Moore said. "Seriously though, I don't know. I haven't the slightest idea. I hope in a few more weeks. We're still rehabbing. We're sore right now from rehab, but my body feels excellent. My weight is great. I'm at 220. I was at 230, 232."

At worst, Moore will be ready sometime in July, just in time for training camp. You can sense a little bit of frustration in this quote. He doesn't want to answer questions about his injury because it is what it is. That said, nobody is saying he won't be available for training camp - that's what's important. Heck, by then, the Falcons may even know who their free safety is going to be!

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