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How will the Falcons' secondary shake out?

Who will start for these Falcons in 2015?

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

As muddled as left guard is and will continue to be for the Falcons between now and August, the secondary is probably causing more confusion than anything else on the roster. What will be the team's starting configuration there?

This is my best guess, at the moment.

CB1: Desmond Trufant
CB2: Jalen Collins
Nickel: Robert Alford
FS: Charles Godfrey
SS: William Moore

You'll note there are not a lot of surprises here. Collins, when healthy, should immediately earn a starting role. Alford is still the team's most physical, aggressive cornerback and should have a role with this team in 2015, at the very least. Godfrey is a veteran stopgap at free safety and William Moore and Desmond Trufant are, of course, entrenched as high level starters.This is a group with enough talent to be impactful.

There's decent depth here, as well, though the Falcons probably will need another offseason to add more talent to the group. Barring any major injuries, though, this should be one of the team's strengths.

How do you expect the secondary to shake out?