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Falcons have five players on the NFL's Top 100 rookies list

Not a surprise, but still a testament to a draft well done.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Any list of the top 100 rookies should be taken with a grain of salt in May, but if it has a lot of Falcons on it, it should nonetheless be held up for praise.

Here's where the Falcons on the list ranked.

#9: Tevin Coleman
#11: Vic Beasley
#28: Justin Hardy
#67: Grady Jarrett
#83: Jalen Collins

As you can see, this doesn't go purely by draft order, which is refreshing.I fully expect Collins to be better than at least some of the 82 players in front of him so long as he's healthy and earns his spot in the starting lineup, which is the anticipated outcome.

The rest make a lot of sense. Coleman has the chance to have a huge year for the Falcons, if all goes well, and Beasley should be right in the same neighborhood. Hardy could soak up a ton of targets as Matt Ryan's preferred option underneath, so long as he develops a rapport with him early. And Jarrett, while immensely talented, is likely a useful rotational player this season, with the potential to do much more.

Your thoughts on this list?