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Seattle LB Bruce Irvin wants to play for the Atlanta Falcons in 2016

The Dan Quinn era starts off with players stating they intentionally want to play for the team. Not bad.

About two months ago, there was a rumor that Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett wanted to be traded to the Atlanta Falcons. Now comes a report that Seahawks linebacker Bruce Irvin wants to play for the Atlanta Falcons, per Seahawks linebacker Bruce Irvin.

According to Samuel Logan of Black Sports Online, Irvin was pretty enthusiastic about playing for the Falcons after watching the Atlanta Hawks win last night.

"I’m going to be in Atlanta next season. I’m ready," said Irvin in response to my question about where he wants to be after his contract his up.

Maybe he wants to play for the Hawks?

The Seahawks declined to pickup Irvin's fifth-year option that would have paid him about $7.8 million. Seattle has otherwise publicly stated they intend to sign Irvin to a deal, but Irvin sounds unlikely to sign such an agreement.

"Atlanta is where I want to be. Believe that," said Irvin.

Whether or not Irvin comes to Atlanta, this indicates Quinn's former players still hold him in a high regard. The former first-round pick has been somewhat of a disappointment in his career, but played well after moving to linebacker and racking up 6.5 sacks last season.

Expect trade rumors to increase in the near future. Trading for Irvin may not be cheap, but would add some serious firepower to Atlanta's pass rush.

Thoughts on the potential of Irvin coming to Atlanta?