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2015 NFL draft: Atlanta Falcons CB Jalen Collins says bad decisions behind him

Fact: Jalen Collins sings a mean, falsetto version of Aretha Franklin's "Respect"

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons may have underwhelmed in free agency, but they hit it out of the park with this year's draft class. Because he reportedly failed three drug tests while playing at LSU, the Falcons' second round selection, cornerback Jalen Collins, took some licks in the pre-draft process. But the team didn't hesitate and it appears they landed a dynamic player that will thrive in Dan Quinn's system.

Going forward, is Collins a concern? To be frank, I'm not remotely concerned, but for what it's worth, Collins is taking his transition to the NFL seriously. Credit to the AJC's Jeff Schultz for the quote.

"I personally don't think I'm a risk," the Falcons' second-round pick said after a light workout at a Falcons rookie camp. "I know myself. I've gotten myself under control. I'm living right."

My apathy toward this type of "character flaw" is well documented. If he's not smoking weed during the season, I could really care less. That said, as a rookie trying to prove himself as a professional, abstaining will probably serve him well.

If there's a concern, it's the immaturity Collins reportedly exhibited early in his LSU tenure. He didn't take a benching particularly well, and he almost transferred as a result. At this level, Collins will need to earn everything he's given. If the Falcons didn't think he understood that, they wouldn't have wasted the draft pick.

Your thoughts?