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Former NFL player and scout: Tevin Coleman a perfect match for Shanahan's offense

There have been lots of opinions surrounding Atlanta's new running back addition.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Many love the selection of Tevin Coleman. Others think he will not fit with the new offense. Some have pointed towards some issues with Coleman's skill set.

I will say that most have been effusive with their praise. This includes NFL Network analyst,  former NFL player and scout Bucky Brooks, who has been known to criticize the Falcons in previous years. Brooks believes that Coleman is a fantastic fit for Atlanta's new offense.

The Falcons also upgraded the explosiveness of their offense with the additions of running back Tevin Coleman and receiver Justin Hardy. Coleman is an electric one-cut back with the running style that perfectly matches the zone-based scheme Atlanta will use under new offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan.

Coleman is a very interesting prospect. He looks to have the similar speed of Antone Smith, but with better height, weight, physicality, and pass game skills. He has shown to be an explosive runner in Indiana's run blocking scheme, with an ability to make one cut and run to daylight.

Coleman is believed to be slotted to split carries with Freeman, providing the youngest running game Atlanta has had in over a decade. If his fit is as good as Brooks believes it to be, the Falcons may finally have a run game.