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Falcons sign two tryout players, waive three others

The Falcons take a shot on an undrafted cornerback and tackle.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons are making moves on Mother's Day, signing a pair of players and waiving three others.

These are not immediately impactful moves, to say the least. Mincy was a talented defensive back for Auburn who earned a tryout with the Falcons over the weekend. He clearly impressed the team enough to earn a longer look, and with the team remaking its secondary, it's possible Mincy will be around a bit longer. The team hasn't said whether they'll be trying him at cornerback or safety, however.

Huffer is another undrafted guy. He's got the same height as seventh round pick Jake Rodgers but clocks in a full 30 pounds lighter and isn't a plus athlete. He's a ferocious run blocker who could compete for a reserve role on the line, but profiles as a likely camp body for now.

Brown, Ozerities and Stangby were all signed as undrafted free agents by the Falcons last week, but the team clearly decided they weren't going to be factors after minicamp and decided to give them a chance to latch on elsewhere.

Welcome to the team, Jonathon Mincy and Matt Huffer.