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NFL Draft Grades 2015: Vic Beasley selection gets high marks for Falcons

Most think the pick was at least a solid one for Atlanta.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Draft grades are a tradition as old and pointless as the draft itself. Even though there's not a ton of value in these grades in the hours and days after the actual selections, it is a good way to get a sense of how fans and pundits are feeling about teams' moves on draft day, and it's a good way to see more generally how players' chances of future success are perceived.

In the case of Vic Beasley, the response has been pretty positive. There are knocks on his run defense and immediate impact as a pass rusher, but most of the grades and comments floating around agree he should be a useful pass rusher and an upgrade over what the Falcons currently have.

Let's run down some of the highlights of draft grading around the web.

The Falcoholic's readers

Falcoholic Vic Beasley Draft Poll

As you can see, the Beasley pick went over like waffles in Belgium here at The Falcoholic. I'd personally give the pick an A based on need and my sense of who Beasley is as a player.

Dan Kadar, Mocking The Draft

8. Atlanta FalconsVic Beasley, OLB, Clemson

Beasley was a sensation at Clemson, totaling 33 sacks and 52.5 tackles for loss in four seasons, and he'll be one in Dan Quinn's defense in Atlanta. The Falcons desperately needed to improve their pass rush and Beasley was the best edge player available. Beasley will make an impact even if he starts his career as a pass rush specialist. Still, the knock on Beasley is his play against the run. Will he be a detriment in that area in the NFL? That's why this pick gets downgraded slightly.

Grade: B+

Mike Tanier, Bleacher Report

Grade: B+

Chris Burke & Doug Farrar, Sports Illustrated

8. Falcons: Vic Beasley, OLB, Clemson

GRADE: A Beasley is arguably the top pass-rusher in this draft class, filling a massive need in Atlanta.

Bryan Fischer,

Grade: A-

Pete Prisco, CBS Sports

I know they need an edge rusher in the worst way, but this kid is one-dimensional. Bud Dupree would have been a better choice.

Grade: B

What would be your grade?