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Who will be 2015's breakout player for the Falcons?

Every year has one, and plenty of players will get opportunities for the Falcons under Dan Quinn.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It may be charitable to assume the Falcons will have a breakout player in 2015, but every year there's a player who manages to turn in a good-to-great season despite our expectations. Who will be that player for the Falcons this year?

There are plenty of worthy candidates for the consideration. Robert Alford always seems to be on the cusp of a big season, any of the young defenders on the front seven could land a bigger role, and Devonta Freeman is an obvious choice as the potential starting back in a zone blocking scheme. With a new head coach in town, there's plenty in flux and plenty of legitimate opportunities for guys to prove themselves, so this isn't as easy a question as it would have been just a season ago.

My guess is Malliciah Goodman, though. I don't think he's necessarily headed for a truly great season, but I do believe he'll benefit from the lost weight, a full-time role at defensive end and the snaps he's likely to receive as a left defensive end in Dan Quinn's defense. I anticipate Goodman will take a genuine step forward in his pass rushing ability and production this year, and if he can set the edge effectively, he'll be a legitimately useful player who still has genuine upside due to his athleticism and size.

Who's your pick for breakout player?