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What is Tyler Starr's future with the Falcons?

The Falcons need pass rushing help, still, but it's not clear whether Starr will be the one to provide it.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Tyler Starr got some hype last year coming out of the draft, which was at least somewhat understandable given his measurables. The team was even less loaded up with pass rushers last year, and with the Falcons' issues at linebacker, it seemed like Starr might sneak into a role by default. Following a year spent on the active roster without a single snap on defense, however, Starr comes into 2015 with his fate very much in limbo.

The Falcons mothership had an article yesterday talking a little bit about Starr and his expectations, This is one of those fluffy features that comes about in the offseason, of course, but Starr's future is still one of the intriguing sub-plots of the offseason. The team liked him enough to carry him for a season and let him develop, and they still desperately need to find players who can bolster a pass rush so anemic vampires would gladly pass it over.

For all that, Starr's path to a role is not particularly clear. The Falcons brought back Kroy Biermann, added O'Brien Schofield, Brooks Reed, Justin Durant and Adrian Clayborn, which means there are more established players ahead of him than there was just a year ago, particularly at linebacker. Starr's athleticism may be enough to keep him around, but there's little question he'll have to beat out guys like Joplo Bartu, Marquis Spruill and any draft picks to make his mark. Starr doesn't have film to fall back on with Dan Quinn, either.

My guess is that Starr sticks around as one of the last guys on the roster, but that he'll likely be inactive much of the year once more. That'll be fine if it means the guys in front of him are playing well and he has another year to develop, with an eye on making an impact in 2016. If the Falcons focus heavily on defense again in this year's draft, however, it's entirely possible that Starr will have an uphill battle just to make the roster.

What are your expectations for Starr?