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NFL trade rumors: Are the Falcons looking to get Bruce Irvin?

The Falcons are reportedly in the mix to acquire Irvin from the Seahawks, instantly upgrading their pass rush.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Twitter was in a mild uproar last night over reports saying the Seattle Seahawks will not pick up the fifth-year option on linebacker Bruce Irvin. Now we're hearing an even bigger rumor: the Atlanta Falcons might be interested in trading for Irvin.

Pro Football Talk reported the rumor late last night, citing "chatter has already emerged" about the possibility. Mike Florio hasn't been the most credible when it comes to Falcons rumors (i.e. Noisegate), so we're not sure how much truth there is to this one. One source in Seattle already refuted the idea.

Dan Quinn coached Irvin in Seattle, so if the Falcons did want to bring the fourth-year linebacker to Atlanta, Quinn would obviously provide a recommendation. Irvin is also from Atlanta. He attended Stockbridge High School and Stephenson High School before going to community college.

Irvin was a first-round pick for the Seahawks in 2012. At 6-foot-3, 245 pounds, his 4.50 time in the 40 made him a coveted prospect out of West Virginia. Irvin recorded 16.5 sacks over his first three years in the league.

If the Falcons could land Irvin prior to tonight's NFL Draft, it would take some pressure off the front office. Irvin would provide a huge boost to Atlanta's pass rush and would likely allow the team to stay put at No. 8 overall.

We won't get too excited with all the rumors flying around, but what are your thoughts on trading for Irvin?