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2015 NFL mock draft: Who will the Falcons take in Round 1?

Our writers weigh in with their final predictions for the Falcons first pick. You'll probably notice a trend here.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

We're here. We made it. The 2015 NFL Draft has finally arrived. Despite all the smokescreens and rumors circulating through Twitter, the general consensus still predicts the Atlanta Falcons will select a pass rusher with their first pick this year.

Mock drafts are basically guessing games to help earn bragging rights. If you're not inside the Falcons organization, you don't know what they're going to do in Round 1.  We've heard enough, though, to make educated predictions as to what they'll do.

Here are our Falcons picks for Round 1.

Writer Pick Commentary
Largely wishful thinking, but hearing that Randy Gregory is getting past the Falcons, and Beasley is one hell of a player. He could go a long way toward transforming a front that lacks athleticism and pass rushing acumen. I could see the team trading up to ensure they get him, as well, though Leonard Williams and Dante Fowler have to be on the table.
They may have to trade up to make it work, but based on need and the recent issues which have damaged the draft stock of both Randy Gregory and Shane Ray, Beasley might be the best option for a team that will fill me with rage if they don't take a pass rusher in the first, for the love of all that is sacred and holy. Beasley is explosive, has a lot of impressive traits and would instantly upgrade a unit that needs it.
The Falcons desperately need to improve their pass rush, and adding Beasley would provide the front seven with an immediate upgrade. Beasley is the kind of explosive, high ceiling guy who can thrive in Dan Quinn's defense at the outside linebacker position.
Again, this is the guy Atlanta needs to boost its pass rush. It wouldn't surprise me if he is the "defender" they're targeting in a potential trade up. All aboard the Beasley train, choo choo!
Southern Cal
(Trade up to No. 3) Now that both Gregory and Ray have done something stupid to hurt their stocks, I have to imagine the Falcons only have a couple options left: Williams or Beasley. I'm not convinced Beasley will make it to 8, nor do I think he's worth trading up for, which leaves the Falcons in a precarious spot. Do they wait and take a risk on a player that might flame himself out? Or do they trade up to get the best defensive player in the draft? The rumors are swirling, and I think the Falcons' best chance is to trade up for Williams. A DT in name alone (Don't believe me? Read Stephen White's review), Williams will play anywhere on our defensive front and be a colossal upgrade at all spots.
He's not as quick off the snap as Beasley or as refined a pass rusher as Gregory. But he may well be the most well-rounded DE/OLB in this class. Unlike Beasley and Gregory, he is a capable run-stopper and a good bit of his college career was spent dropping into coverage: something he'll be asked to do in Quinn's defense as the LEO. His measurables at the combine showed that he's fast and explosive and has tremendous upside. He's the kind of player that can disrupt on all three downs, and is exactly the right fit for what Quinn has deployed in the past.
(Trade up to No. 5) Since Thomas Dimitroff has been with the Falcons, it's almost status quo to look at them as a team to trade up in the first round, and rumor of Atlanta wanting to trade up in this year's draft could have legs. Fowler's considered the best edge rusher and he would fill a gaping need for the Falcons. There's also the familiarity element since Dan Quinn, as a coaching assistant at Florida, helped recruit Fowler.
The Falcons are seemingly always in a tough spot: no great talents at a position of need available. I think everyone would feel better with a pass rusher at 8, but with half of the expected top available pass rushers loving marijuana more than their NFL careers, Atlanta may be taking their 5th or 6th rated pass rusher at the 8th overall pick. This is becoming a ridiculous stretch just to fill a need. The Falcons could do well with the top running back in years taking the heat off that terrible defense.
(Trade up to No. 5) Any time you hear of the Falcons potentially interested in trading up, you better bet your britches that they have seriously considered such a move. Beasley fits the LEO role to a "T" and is a local talent to boot. With players like Randy Gregory and Shane Ray dropping like flies and the Saints potentially looking to make a primetime trade, the Falcons may look to someone around No.3-5 for a friendly swap.
I don't want the Falcons to trade up. This isn't a team that's one player away from a potential Super Bowl. There are multiple needs on both sides of the ball, and losing a second or third round pick would be crucial. This might be more wishful thinking than anything, but Beasley is a perfect fit for Atlanta. If he can somehow make it to No. 8, there shouldn't be a question about how to they should draft. I'd love to see someone with his kind of speed and explosiveness off the edge come to town.

Beasley remains a favorite among our staff. It's hard not to favor a guy who said playing for the Falcons "would be a dream come true."

The Falcons held a private workout with Beasley, Dupree, Williams and Fowler, but they haven't done so with Gurley. That should be a good indication of what they want to do. The lack of a pass rush has plagued the team for years. They know they have to upgrade now.

We'll see what happens tonight. Who do you have going to the Falcons in Round 1?