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2015 Falcons Draft Profile: Alvin Dupree

With a run on pass rushers a legitimate possibility, the Falcons could be looking at a dark-horse candidate at the new LEO position.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Prospect: EDGE Alvin Dupree, Kentucky

Measurements: 6'4", 269 lbs

Projected Round: 1st, top 20


When a 270 pound man runs a 4.56 40, people take notice. Before you even look at film, by just glancing at the combine numbers you'll know of this man's sheer power and athletic ability. In terms of explosion, Bud is right up there with the likes of Fowler and Beasley.

Alvin, unlike many prospects, comes with a relentless motor. You don't see him deliberately take plays off. In addition to work ethic, Bud was a team captain and a highly intelligent leader for the Wildcats with no off-field baggage.

Without a doubt, Dupree is a perfect fit at the LEO position, where he can put his hand in the dirt and simply get to the football. Too many times you will see the coaches forcing him to drop back into coverage, completely disregarding his strengths. While he is not necessarily bad at coverage, he needs to be in a position where he can just attack, rather than sit back and chase.


Alvin is about as raw of a prospect you can find early in the 2015 draft. Whatever GM drafts him is banking on sheer potential alone, rather than on-field production.

Due to his under-development as a player, Bud is occasionally slow to react to plays. He doesn't always know when to attack or how to use his hands. Similar to Hageman, he is a prospect that likely won't be the impact player in his first year that a top draft selection would suggest.


LEO is where Dupree will find his success as a pass rusher, as he is allowed to simply "pin his ears back" and chase the guy with the football. When watching his Kentucky film, it hurt to watch him drop back into coverage literally half the time when his potential is as high as it is.

For him to find success, Dupree must find home on a franchise in which development and coaching is at the utmost importance. If he is the pick at 8, Coach Quinn will have himself a blank canvas to do whatever he wants with, and that just might be what a first year coach needs.

After assessing all the top edge rushers, Dupree is someone I would only take if Beasley, Fowler, and maybe Gregory are off the board. His potential is sky high, but it will be nothing short of an uphill climb to get there.