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Donte "Cupcake" Rumph camping outside Flowery Branch to earn a contract

Fact: Donte Rumph taught himself long division

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Most college football players won't become professional football players. It's a difficult transition, no matter your college pedigree. While many players get a workout and a training camp invite, only the exceptional will find themselves on a 53 man roster or even a practice squad. Donte Rumph is one former college standout that's still struggling to make that jump.

The Falcons originally signed Rumph as a college free agent in May 2014. He's exceptionally quick for his size and Rumph got a lot of face time on HBO's "Hard Knocks" last summer. Defensive line coach Bryan Cox rode him to excess throughout training camp, and eventually, he was cut.

But now Rumph has fallen on hard times; instead of giving up, he's taking drastic measures, doing whatever it takes to get the Falcons' attention. And that apparently includes camping out adjacent to Flowery Branch.

"My name is Dante Rumph, better known as Cupcake," he said. "I know you're wondering why I'm camping out in front of the Atlanta Falcons. It gets to be a numbers game for us."

Rumph says his family doesn't have a home right now, so he's asking for his job back ... [s]ome friends helped create a video telling Rumph's story. He was cut just months after signing with the Falcons and says his agent also let him lose without notice, leaving opportunities with other teams unanswered until it was too late.

I truly admire Rumph's tenacity. He flashed talent in training camp last season, but it wasn't enough to get him a roster spot. At this point, the Falcons probably have better options, both on the existing roster and in the draft.

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