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2015 NFL Draft: League cuts time available for 7th round, compensatory picks

Teams will have to hustle a little bit

Elsa/Getty Images

The NFL Draft is a sprawling, lengthy event in the best years, and it can be downright tedious. Most NFL teams use their entire allotment on their draft picks, even if they're obviously quite sure who they want ahead of draft night.

The NFL is taking a small step toward tightening up the spectacle by cutting a full minute off of seventh round draft picks this year, and trimming the time available for compensatory selections down to four minutes, as well. This isn't transformative, but it's going to shave somewhere in the neighborhood of an hour off the total draft time, and because I'm so fatigued by the end of Round 7 in the average year, I do welcome this move.

What ramifications does this have for the Falcons? Because they have no compensatory picks, they'll just have to be a little quicker on the draw when it comes to their two seventh rounders. If the team has a little less time to think through their small school defensive back of choice, well, hopefully it won't come back to bite them.