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Roddy White couldn't care less about the Atlanta Falcons' strength of schedule in 2015

Fact: Roddy White's right pinkie toe is shaped like Rhode Island

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White doesn't have time for media criticism. White has played too many NFL games to worry about outsiders. If it's not happening on the field or in the meeting rooms, it simply isn't relevant. And that's why White isn't even remotely concerned about the Falcons' strength of schedule in 2015.

"That doesn't mean anything," White said. "Every year in this league you find a team that didn't' win five games (the year before) and the next year it wins 11; it's always like that in the NFL. There's always some Cinderella team that comes out of nowhere and wins a lot of games. None of that actually means anything to me."

White lived this already - he's seen this movie, and he knows how it ends. You can dominate your regular season schedule, like the Falcons did in 2010, then get absolutely trounced in the playoffs. Remember that Green Bay game? The first round bye meant nothing after the Falcons lost that game.

To be frank, there's a healthy dose of parity in the NFL. Teams unexpectedly improve year to year, and it's difficult to make the playoffs, no matter who you play. Your best approach is a self-centered one; just focus on your team, taking it week by week.

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