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Atlanta Falcons 2015 Mock Draft: Final Days Before Draft Night

More than likely all of these picks are wrong and you will want me deceased. Luckily, I'm not making them and this is just a fun little mock draft.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Pick 1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: QB Jameis Winston, Florida State

Pick 2. Tennessee Titans: QB Marcus Mariota, Oregon

Pick 3. Jacksonville Jaguars: EDGE Dante Fowler, Florida

Pick 4. Oakland Raiders: DL Leonard Williams, USC

Pick 5. Washington Redskins: EDGE Vic Beasley, Clemson

Pick 6. New York Jets: WR Amari Cooper, Alabama

Pick 7. Chicago Bears: WR Kevin White, West Virginia

Rd 1 - Pick 8: EDGE Bud Dupree, Kentucky

There was nothing Atlanta could have done via free agency that would have changed my mind about our first pick; it absolutely must be a pass rusher.

Dupree is one of the top pass rushers in this year's class, is a physical freak who took the combine by storm. Quinn would have himself a ball of clay that he can mold into any shape he desires, as Bud possesses incredible upside but lacks in technique.

With Beasley and Fowler likely gone, and Gregory still dealing with multiple question marks, Dupree is simply a pick that makes sense here considering his potential.

Rd 2 - Pick 42: OG Ali Marpet, Hobart

Atlanta let go of a square peg in the aging Justin Blalock, and absolutely must address the position early seeing as the only guys who could fill that spot look to be Peter Konz and possibly Sam Baker.

Marpet can come in and be an instant piece at left or right guard, but has experience at every position along the line. As one of the more athletic linemen in the draft, Ali fits exactly into Coach Shanahan's zone-based scheme, and will give the Falcons another long-term starter on a line that is beginning to take shape.

Atlanta could really go a multiple of routes here, but Marpet fills a need at an appropriate time.

Rd 3 - Pick 73: WR Sammie Coates, Auburn

Did anyone say "fast and physical"? Insert Sammie Coates into a receiving corps with Julio Jones, Roddy White, and Devin Hester and you're going somewhere.

Coates is an incredible athlete that will stiff-arm you into the ground on his way to a 80 yard touchdown, but is just as likely to uneventfully drop the ball that hits him in the hands. He's somewhat of a project, but with the mentors that the Falcons' offense possesses, there should be no worries for the 6'1", 212 pound tiger.

There's a good chance Coates is gone before now, but many question his consistency and overall ability to catch. In Atlanta, there is a perfect environment to fix these issues.

Rd 4 - Pick 107: RB Mike Davis, South Carolina

Three offensive players in a row? Please don't hurt me. After losing a goal line runner in Steven Jackson, the Falcons should look into adding another back who can pick up those hard-to-get yards.

Mike Davis, while only 5'9", packs a punch at 217 lbs. Despite being somewhat of a bigger back weight wise, he's very agile and hits holes with speed and vision. He's a well rounded talent, but some injuries in his career may scare some teams away. Luckily in this situation, the Falcons land a great player to be a part of a one-two punch with Devonta Freeman.

Rd 5 - Pick 146: FS Kurtis Drummond, Michigan State

The Falcons decided to not resign a solid stop-gap in Dwight Lowery, and have found themselves another hole in the defense.

Drummond is a quick safety with size that could be a ball hawk with the right surrounding cast. I don't believe he's someone who could come in year one and be a factor, but he has the skill-set to eventually become a starer. Issues such as tackling are a concern, but Drummond's true promise comes in his coverage ability. With proper coaching, the rough edges can be rounded out.

Rd 6 - Pick 185: CB Chris Dunkley, USF

Atlanta's secondary depth has been purged. It has to have some guys pumped back into the roster.

Dunkley, a former wide receiver, made the switched to corner and did so smoothly. He's long, which seems to be a common these within Seattle defenses, and Atlanta has already privately worked him out.

While Trufant and Alford most likely locking down the outside spots, Dunkley could push Philip Adams for a starting position in the nickel. Plus he has dreads.

Rd 7 - Pick 225: DT/DE Christian Covington, Rice

Corey Peters, the team's best defensive lineman a pretty good defensive player, was allowed to leave via free agency and a replacement could be found late on Day 3. I miss you Corey.

Covington was a player many saw as having NFL talent, but fell victim to a knee injury early in the 2014 season. At 6'2" and  289 pounds, Christian can be a rotational piece that can play both inside and out.

Rd 7 - Pick 249 (from STL): FB Tyler Varga, Yale

While Atlanta has Patrick DiMaco under contract, they could add some competition at a low cost in the final picks of the draft.

Varga is a workout warrior who could give solid blocking in both the passing and running game, while also providing a bit of a receiving and running ability as well. At this point in the draft, it would be a great pick.

Who do you see the Falcons drafting, and who are some of your favorite mid-round prospects?

As always, leave your opinions and comments on the piece below!