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2015 NFL Draft: Project the Falcons second round pick

Who will the team pick up with their second selection of the upcoming NFL Draft?

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Much of the focus on the Falcons draft has been on the #8 selection, which makes perfect sense when you consider how crucial that pick really is. After that gets don, however, the Falcons have a pair of second day picks that could also be impactful, and those picks could be crucial in the Falcons' very near future.

So we begin with the second rounder. Assume whichever first round pick you like, from Randy Gregory to Todd Gurley, and then consider what might be available in the second that would intrigue the Falcons. Maybe you're game for the famed "double dip" at a position of need, maybe you're looking at your own draft board and determining the best player available, or perhaps you've already determined that your personal player crush will be available and the Falcons must have him.

Keep in mind that Todd McClure will be announcing this pick, so give him something good to work with.

Please supply your reasoning and your pick in the comments, and let's get a discussing roaring.