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2015 NFL Draft schedule and a full reckoning of Falcons draft picks

The Falcons are preparing for the draft, which kicks off in less than a week.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Schedule coverage only holds one's attention for so long, so it's time to turn our focus back to the draft. After all, we're less than a week away, and we're all eager to put the rapidly shifting rumors about draft stock behind us.

We'll be covering the draft live, as always, and we welcome you to join us as we break down picks, make fun of other teams and react in real-time. We're all deep curious about who will be available at #8, at the very least, so crack open a beer, park yourself on the couch and pick the least annoying draft analysts you can find to follow on TV.

Below you'll find the schedule and the Falcons' draft picks. Enjoy!

NFL Draft schedule

All rounds televised on ESPN and NFL Network

Thursday, April 30, 7: 00 p.m.: Round 1

Friday, May 1, 6 p.m.: Rounds 2-3

Saturday, May 2, 11 a.m.: Rounds 4-7

Falcons draft picks

Round 1, #8
Round 2, #42
Round 3, #73
Round 4, #107
Round 5, #146
Round 6, #185
Round 7, #225
Round 7, #249

Full Falcons draft stream