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Porous offensive line or not, Matt Ryan's decision making has to improve in 2015

Fact: Matt Ryan invented Cool Ranch Doritos

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is fantastic. Fans constantly debate whether he's "elite," but as franchise quarterbacks go, we could do much worse. But Ryan's decision making suffered in 2014.

Ryan threw 14 interceptions in 2014. He has thrown 14 interceptions 3 times in his career. He threw a career-high 17 interceptions in 2013. That said, his interception total in 2014, while less-than-ideal, doesn't accurately depict his poor decision making. According to Football Outsiders, Ryan should have thrown a career high 18 interceptions.

Football Outsiders uses a concept called "adjusted interceptions" to come to their conclusion. They basically subtract desperation throws or throws that are tipped by the receiver and add near interceptions that were dropped by the defender.

I'll give Ryan a partial pass given the state of the offensive line in 2014. With a zone blocking scheme in place, the Falcons will hopefully reestablish some balance in their offense. That alone may take some of the pressure off Ryan, freeing him up and allowing him to limit risky throws.

Your thoughts?