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Atlanta Falcons schedule 2015: week 10 bye week will serve the team well

Fact: a puppy loses its wings every time Matt Ryan cries

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons 2015 schedule was released yesterday. We've brought you our initial thoughts as the Falcohol-sipping masses cautiously look ahead. But we've been hurt before, so for now, I won't gush about an ostensibly easy schedule. One thing that stands out to me: the bye week.

The Falcons' bye week will come in week 10 this season. While a mid-season bye week is always preferable, the Falcons stand to benefit from this year's configuration. Why? Because it's almost a perfect split. They will have 7 games after the bye, 4 against division opponents. You don't want a bye too early in the season; just ask the New England Patriots, who will take their bye in week 4. You also want a bye before any critical stretch, and if the NFC South is as tight as it was last season, the Falcons will need the opportunity to rest up.

The Falcons share their bye week with the Indianapolis Colts, their opponent immediately after the bye. The San Francisco 49ers and San Diego Charges will also take their bye during week 10.

Your thoughts?