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2015 NFL Schedule leak: Falcons will play Giants on the road in Week 2, plus more rumors

For those who can't wait, a look at what has already come out about the 2015 NFL schedule.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons' schedule is out. Go read about it!

The Giants are one of the tougher games on the docket, potentially, given the strength of their passing attack and an improving defense, so getting them on the road isn't ideal. At the very least, it's an early season matchup without the frigid Northeastern winter and the Falcons should be fresh, so it's not like this is an unwinnable game by any stretch of the imagination.

You'll recall the Falcons also played the Giants on the road a year ago, so this is a nice opportunity for a little revenge.

For those of you who simply have to know ahead of time, I've compiled a few of the reports we've seen thus far that don't involve the Falcons, too.

We start with the first game of the season, which will pit the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday night. Given that neither team currently has a secondary, that should be a fun one.

The first Sunday night game, meanwhile, will reportedly feature the Giants and Cowboys. Expect lots of scoring from two of America's most obnoxious favorite teams.

Getting deeper into the schedule, it appears the Packers will host the Bears on Thanksgiving night, also known as the game you'll half-watch in your turkey-related stupor.

I'd say Finn is a good source for this. We may have our first tidbit of real information here on the Falcons schedule.

Let us know if you hear anything interesting.