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Adam Schefter: Falcons have the easiest 2015 schedule in the NFL

Everything's coming up Falcons!

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We'll have to see how the actual schedule breaks down, but the Falcons may well have one of the easier slates in the NFL this coming season.

Strength of schedule is a notoriously poor indicator of a team's fortunes the next year—partly because the Falcons have to be able to actually win—but it's still a good sign that Atlanta doesn't have an overly difficult set of opponents on paper. That's not to say the Falcons won't have tough games—the NFC South, the Cowboys and the Eagles should be plenty difficult, among others—but this team could be primed for at least a modest bounceback in 2015. I think we'd all welcome that.

What's your expectation for the complete schedule when it's released tomorrow night?