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2015 NFL mock draft: Bud Dupree leads the way in 20 4/20 mocks

The Falcons will have to "settle" for the talented Kentucky defender, if the mock draft consensus is right.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Bud wins the day on 4/20.

8. Atlanta Falcons: Alvin Dupree, OLB, Kentucky

Something tells me if this would have been tabulated a few weeks ago, Nebraska’s Randy Gregory would be the selection. But after news came out of Gregory’s positive drug test at the combine, I imagine this pick shifted onto Dupree.

The picks:
40 percent Alvin Dupree 
25 percent Shane Ray 
15 percent Randy Gregory 
10 percent Vic Beasley 
5 percent Brandon Scherff 
5 percent Kevin White

Basically, Dan Kadar's newest mock is less of a dictatorial decision for the Falcons and more of a democratic, red-blooded poll of 20 different popular mocks. He finds that the consensus, which two weeks ago would have favored Randy Gregory and one month ago might have favored Dante Fowler or Vic Beasley, is now tilting in favor of the super-athletic Kentucky defensive end.

There are multiple reasons for this, including draftnik herd mentality, the expectation that Beasley will be off the board by the time the Falcons pick and some wariness over Gregory's stock given his failed drug test and those ever-popular character concerns. I personally think Gregory will be on the team's radar if he makes it to #8—no guarantee there, I know—but Dupree is a fine consolation prize in that scenario. I know many of you want to see best player available regardless of the scenario and think it's likely an Amari Cooper, Kevin White or Brandon Scherff would be that guy, but I can't say the Falcons are particularly likely to pass up Dupree if he's available, given the intersection of need and talent.

Out of the list of guys under the Falcons, who would be your choice?