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Ideally, the Falcons will have committees everywhere on the roster

The Falcons will rotate heavily, especially on defense, and that's a good thing.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

O'Brien Schofield is one of the offseason's key additions for the Falcons, given that he has pass rushing ability and can be moved around the formation a bit. That doesn't mean fans were happy when Schofield talked about his workload being a little limited, at least in training camp and preseason.

Ideally, though, Schofield isn't going to be the kind of player who delivers a ton of snaps for the Falcons. Ideally, he'll . I alluded to this with the defensive tackles post from this morning, but the best version of the Falcons defense (and likely offense) features heavy rotations, playing matchups to the greatest extent possible and ensuring you have a team full of reasonably fresh players for the fourth quarter. That's not possible everywhere—Matt Ryan's not coming off the field for a fun-filled T.J. Yates offensive series, for example—but it's an approach that the Falcons clearly plan to take with the bulk of their roster.

That benefits players like Schofield, who have injury concerns and has always been more effective on limited snaps that allow him to rush the passer. It'll be terrific for Devonta Freeman, who probably isn't going to be a full-fledged workhorse and can give way to other players on key third downs and in short yardage situations. And it'll do wonders for the value of guys like Paul Worrilow, who have no business being left in coverage on third downs but can be an asset on first and second down. And so on. The key is to limit snaps intelligently and not, as Mike Nolan was unfortunately wont to do in 2014, leave players in positions where they can't possibly succeed.

None of this guarantees success for the offense and defense, and more specifically for the players mentioned above. But on a team that isn't exactly stocked with stars, getting players on the field in their best roles is the best way to put an effective team on the field for the 2015 season.

Where do you expect to see the team rotating personnel?