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NFL Draft: Falcons hosting USC defensive tackle Leonard Williams

The beastly defender probably won't make it to #8, but the Falcons are at least doing their due diligence.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons have worked out most of the top defensive players in the draft already, and they're now planning a visit with USC defensive tackle Leonard Williams.

No one really thinks Williams is going to slide out of the top five picks, but the Falcons want to make sure they've met with him, just in case. It's not clear how Williams will fare as a pass rusher at the NFL and he plays a position where the Falcons at least have competence already in-house, but he's a potentially game-changing run defender and an unholy terror in the middle of the defensive line. You have to think Dan Quinn wouldn't mind getting his hands on Williams, if such a think were possible.

For a great (if profanity-laced) scouting report on Williams, check out the latest from Stephen White. It will make you appreciate Williams more than you did, unless you were already a fanboy/girl. Obviously if the Falcons have to watch a lot of edge rushers they like go in front of the #8 pick, Williams being available would do a lot to take the sting out of that. Just don't expect it.

Also, Star Wars trailer, because at least some of you are also giant nerds.