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Joe Hawley expects to be in fighting form by training camp

The Falcons center updated the media about his rehab from an ACL tear, and very few punches were thrown.

The triumphant return of this Hawley photo!
The triumphant return of this Hawley photo!
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

The problems in 2014 piled up so quickly that losing a starting center barely registered on the list of crippling deficiencies with the team. The Falcons will look to bounce back with new coaches, new schemes, and a healed up Joe Hawley.

The Falcoholic's Jeanna Thomas was present for Hawley's talk with the press.

His beard is encouragingly in midseason form. His rehab has apparently been going well.

The Falcons may look to bolster depth at center during the draft, but putting Hawley front and center for a press conference suggests they believe he will play and expect him to play.

Energy? To sleep I used to sip chamomile tea and listen to Mike Smith's press conferences.

Brawley Hawley is a player that would certainly respond to a higher energy coach, and hopefully the rest of the team can positively respond to Quinn.