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The FalcFans podcast talks pass rushers with NFL Draft guru Andrew Parsons

The podcast changes gears and focuses heavily on the draft, especially pass rushers.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The FalcFans podcast has draft fever, just like the rest of us, and today's edition delves into what might lie ahead for the Atlanta Falcons. You can head to FalcFans to listen to the podcast—it's Episode 107, or "The one about the pass rushers," right here.

Andrew Parsons of Draft Mecca and Football Savages is this week's guest, and he brought some terrific insight on the crop of pass rushers we're all so excited about. Parsons also covers a lot of other NFL Draft ground in this one as we gear up for the April 30th kickoff to the league's big, lengthy spectacle. As always, FalcFans editor Aaron Freeman is your velvet-voiced host for the official podcast of The Falcoholic.

Tune in, be sure to visit FalcFans and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes anytime. The next two episodes will also heavily focus on the draft, as well, so I hope you're ready for that hot action.

Check out the full episode here.