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2015 NFL Draft: Who should the Falcons select at #8?

Answering a huge question for the Falcons, and for Falcons fans.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

We've spent plenty of time discussing who might be the pick at #8, but we haven't put it to a vote just yet. Because we live in a democratic nation with red-blooded people who love polls almost as much as they love steak and ice cream, we're going to rectify that little oversight right now.

I curated the list in the poll below by pulling together the consensus top pass rushers in the class, including some intriguing options on the interior of the defensive line and adding in two of the draft's top receivers, arguably the best lineman available and a handful of the top safeties and cornerbacks. The odds are the Falcons are picking that missing pass rusher at #8, of course, but it's best to consider a wider range of options.

Did I include Todd Gurley on this list just to see how many of you are raging Georgia homers, too? Yes. Yes I did.

Vote in the poll below. If you have another choice, please leave it in the comments.