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Update: CB Byron Maxwell To Sign With Eagles

Recent reports are indicating that Seahawks corner back Byron Maxwell will be prohibitively expensive.

Maxwell imagining teams throwing money at him in free agency.
Maxwell imagining teams throwing money at him in free agency.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons have been linked to just about every Seattle Seahawks free agent, thanks to the Dan Quinn connection. We have been talking about Seattle's top free agent, Byron Maxwell, as a likely target and potential top signing for the Atlanta Falcons.

And then Chip Kelly ruined everything.

North of $10 million?!? Maxwell has the speed and size that Quinn is looking for, but the former 6th-round selection has gotten meaningful action in only the last two seasons and graded out as average according to Pro Football Focus. He played on arguably the most talented defense in the last decade and was helped by an offense that controlled the ball.

That is not meant to knock Maxwell, but paying him like an undisputed number one corner takes a good leap of faith. The Falcons still have top corner Desmond Trufant, and will need to find a role for talented, but raw, Robert Alford.

The Falcons have a decent level of talent at corner, but the quality of pass rusher and linebacker on the roster would be one of the worst in a pop warner league. The team had this same problem in 2014, but ignored most of their needs and created a defense so unwatchable that opposing offenses closed their eyes while moving the ball at will.

Maxwell seems unlikely to be a Falcon. The Eagles are motivated to sign him, and if he were to take a discount, it would be in Seattle, not Atlanta. If Dimitroff signs any top free agents, it looks like it will be Brian Orakpo and Jordan Cameron.

Update: Maxwell is going to sign with the Eagles, based on just about every football news reporting source.

Weird that he knows this when players are not allowed to sign with teams quite yet. I wish they would stick to the rules, like how when the Atlanta Falcons waited until after the Super Bowl to offer Dan Quinn a contract.

That is expensive. Hopefully the Falcons better invest their free agent money.