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Falcons free agency rumors: Vince Wilfork to Atlanta a longshot

You likely won't see the legendary defensive tackle heading to the Falcons.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Our goal is to try to address every concrete Falcons free agency rumor out there, and to delve in on any big names who have a remote chance of heading to Atlanta.

Today, freshly released defensive tackle and potential Hall of Famer Vince Wilfork is the hot topic. Instead of simply parrying questions on Twitter and answering your questions in the comments, I decided to briefly dive in on Wilfork coming to Atlanta. Spoiler:

Why it makes sense

Wilfork is a living legend and a solid run-stopper, as well as a high character player and locker room leader. From a leadership perspective, he'd be an ideal fit for what promises to be a pretty young locker room.

Why it doesn't make sense

Pretty much every other reason you can think of. Wilfork is aging, he won't necessarily come cheap and he's declining slightly. The Falcons also have a bit of a logjam at defensive tackle, with Jonathan Babineaux, Ra'Shede Hageman, Tyson Jackson and Paul Soliai, with Corey Peters potentially re-signing, as well. Wilfork simply isn't a fit for this team, given where they are right now.

Chances of it happening


The Falcons don't need to be signing relatively expensive, aging defensive tackles to their roster. Wilfork is an all-time great, but I can't see Atlanta having more than passing interest in