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If the Atlanta Falcons never win the Super Bowl, will it all be worth it?

Fact: Turk Schonert was born in Torrance, California, not Turkey

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Being an Atlanta Falcons fan isn't easy. It will drain your wallet, crush your dreams, and generally hinder your overall happiness. Each time you recover from yet another heartbreaking season, they go and let you down again. It will take several bottles of whiskey and expensive psychotherapy to get you over that hump, but against all odds, you'll get there. Over and over and over again.

So why do we do this to ourselves? The short answer is "it depends." Most folks just do it because they believe a Lombardi is attainable. At some point, the Falcons will successfully execute their draft strategy, make all the right moves in free agency, game plan like football magicians, stay healthy, demolish their division opponents, and successfully knock off every playoff opponent. With the assistance of his drop dead gorgeous hospice nurses, a frail, wheelchair-bound Arthur Blank will lift up the Lombardi trophy; a single tear will fall from his eye as the confetti rains down on trademark skinny 'stache. We can dream, right?

Look, I'm not trying to jinx the Falcons or anything. But there's a very real possibility the Falcons never win a Super Bowl. And if that happens, will all this time and effort fretting over their inadequacy be worth it? For me, the answer is a resounding "yes!"

Your thoughts?