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Ravens sign Matt Schaub, Falcons set to roll with T.J. Yates as backup quarterback

The Falcons will go with T.J. Yates, Sean Renfree and perhaps a quarterback yet to be added behind Matt Ryan.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons were reportedly interested in Matt Schaub, but the Ravens have swooped in and signed him. That's probably for the best.

Schaub was once a rock-solid starting quarterback, but his performance dropped off a cliff the last two seasons. The Falcons were likely considering him due to his familiarity with Kyle Shanahan from the time both spent in Houston, but it's not clear he's an upgrade on Sean Renfree at this point, much less T.J. Yates. The Ravens will hope he can be a useful veteran presence, and that Joe Flacco doesn't get hurt so they have to put the game in Schaub's hands.

The Falcons, as anticipated, will move forward with Yates as the favorite for the backup quarterback job. Renfree and any rookies the Falcons pick up either late in the draft or as a UDFA will compete for the third quarterback gig, and while I can't say I see it as particularly likely, it's still possible that Renfree could knock Yates off his perch and back up Ryan. Any way you slice it, we'll hope Ryan's healthy all season and we don't need to see either unless the Falcons are blowing another team out.