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Don't expect Desmond Trufant's fortunes to change under Dan Quinn

Trufant is one of the better young cornerbacks in the NFL, and he should continue to be under Dan Quinn.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Desmond Trufant is the Falcons' best cornerback, and one of the better young cornerbacks in the NFL, as The DW mentioned in his recent review of the team's cornerbacks.That's going to continue, of course, but it's worth asking whether Trufant's role will change at all with Dan Quinn coming to town.

Trufant dabbled at the nickel during preseason and occasionally during the season in 2014, but he largely played outside and was counted upon to lock down one of the opposing team's top two receivers. Not to raise a question and squash it immediately—I've seen a handful of fans wondering aloud if Quinn might try to draft a big, physical corner that might at least partially supplant Trufant, so this didn't come out of nowhere—but it's fairly obvious Trufan'ts role won't immediately change. The Falcons currently only have Robert Alford, Phillip Adams and Ricardo Allen on the roster, and while all three of those guys are game tacklers, none of them fit the type or have the raw talent necessary to supplant Trufant.

The draft is the only thing that could change that, but I don't expect the Falcons to sink a pick into cornerback before the third round, even though I do expect them to draft at least one.

Either way, this is a team lucky enough to have a true #1 cornerback, whether he fits Quinn's preferred blueprint or not. If the Falcons ever get to the point where their corners are good enough that they feel comfortable kicking Trufant into the slot versus, say, Randall Cobb, this team will be in pretty good shape. Trufant's role is worth watching, one way or the other.