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Falcons extend Nate Stupar, locking up core special teamer

The Falcons retain a young special teamer and linebacker for 2015.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons have locked up arguably their most effective special teamer, signing Nate Stupar to a one-year contract extension before free agency opens.

Stupar, who will be 27 later this month, was signed just one day after being released by the Jaguars in final cuts last August. He wound up playing in 15 games for the Falcons, chipping in seven special teams tackles and three on defense. His signing is proof that Keith Armstrong still has considerable sway in this organization, and it may hint that Quinn sees a small but real role for Stupar on defense.

As a linebacker, Stupar is likely to be little more than a deep reserve no matter how much Quinn likes him, but Armstrong and the Falcons value his special teams ability deeply and wanted to keep him around. He'll be a core player on ST again in 2015, and if the Falcons retain Eric Weems, they'll likely have one of the league's stronger special teams units in the NFL again. It's not a move that moves the needle, of course, but it's a sound signing, and it's likely for the veteran minimum.

Your thoughts on Stupar?