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Who is going to be the Falcons' backup quarterback?

Confusion rules the day for Atlanta.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons have one of the league's better quarterbacks in Matt Ryan, but the backup quarterback situation has rarely been settled while he's been in town.

The Falcons appeared to have set themselves up for 2015 by re-signing T.J. Yates, giving them a veteran option to compete with third-year quarterback Sean Renfree. That's not an overly inspiring set of backups, perhaps, but it's in line with a lot of NFL teams.

With Vaughn McClure hearing that Matt Schaub could be an option, though, the waters are further muddied. Schaub is a former Falcon who had experience playing in a Kyle Shanahan offense in Houston, so it's a natural connection to make. I have no doubt that if McClure is asking the question, the Falcons have at least mulled the possibility of adding the veteran.

I don't think they'll do so, however. Yates was just here last year and is a perfectly capable, Schaub's skills have been in rapid decline over the last two seasons and the team would have to think Sean Renfree offered them nothing to consider Schaub a viable option. I just don't think those things are true.

My personal bet is that Yates winds up being the backup, Schaub doesn't come to Atlanta and Renfree finds a way to stick around one more season. That's the simplest way to resolve this, it doesn't involve bringing in a veteran and for better or for worse, it won't lead to a reunion between Schaub and his first NFL team.