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How would you fix the Falcons?

If you had the power and authority to make whatever changes you'd like in Flowery Branch, what would you do?

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Everybody's got an opinion about the way the Falcons are handling this offseason, ranging from, "I think the Falcons are doing a great job," to, "Why is this team so stupid? Fire everybody."

What I see the team doing is addressing positions of need while managing their available cap in such a way that they have plenty of room to sign rookies and make some other moves if they so choose. I don't love every decision they've made (case in point, letting Corey Peters walk) but overall, I feel like they're doing an adequate job of addressing need in a responsible, strategic way. This is a team that has won 10 games over two seasons, and with so many changes on the field and on the sideline, it's reasonable to expect that it will take more than one offseason to fix this team's deficiencies. Unless we get through the draft and find that they have once again opted to act like pass rushers are poison, I'm pretty content with the approach so far this offseason.

But maybe you don't agree. This is your opportunity to share your strategy for fixing this team. Even if you are pretty happy with the general direction of the team at present, maybe there are just a few things you would tweak to improve the team. After the past two seasons, I think we can all agree there's plenty of room for improvement. If you had Arthur Blank's power and authority, with carte blanche to make any moves you'd like, what would you do?