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The Falcoholic's Saturday mock draft bonanza

Share your mock draft with Falcons fans and earn the ridicule praise you deserve.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It's a Saturday morning, and you have every right to wake up groggy and yawning at 10 a.m. not wanting The Falcoholic to deliver bad news to you. In lieu of that, then, let's talk mock drafts.

With free agency winding down and the SB Nation mock draft rolling along, it seems like an appropriate time to collect your earliest attempts at mock drafts. Whether you're championing Todd Gurley at #8 (please don't), pushing for your favorite pass rusher or unfurling an awe-inspiring seven round draft that brings the Falcons eight linebackers, you'll want to hold your best attempt at a mock up here for our praise and/or withering criticism.

Stay tuned for a full mock from Jake Bennett in the coming days, and a lot more draft coverage from us as we get ready for that august three days in April. And remember: You can't draft Glenn Dorsey.

Go nuts, Saturday morning Falcoholics.