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Dan Quinn is a brilliant defensive mind, but what's his role with the offense?

Fact: there's a patent pending for Dan Quinn's unique blend of a bald head and rustic facial hair

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons fans are excited about Dan Quinn's impact on a historically embarrassing defense. There's no doubt, at least in my mind, that the defense will improve. But a good head coach can multitask, right? The front office expects him to get the defense turned around; but they also expect him to sustain and make slight improvements to the offense.

A good head coach is a good leader. Sounds simple enough, doesn't it? And good leaders know how to delegate. To be successful, Quinn can't afford to micromanage the offense. He has a vision, and it's Kyle Shanahan's job to execute that vision.

In Shanahan, Quinn has a bright, high-energy guy. He also has a guy that doesn't like to be second guessed. When the Cleveland Browns insisted on starting Johnny Manziel, Shanahan quit - he just walked out the door. Less than two weeks later, he was rumored to be Dirk Koetter's replacement.

If you ask Shanahan how he approaches the game of football, one thing is clear: he was a student of the game first. He came up through the coaching ranks by absorbing anything and everything about the game. He wanted to be the guy players came to when questions arose. Now, several years down the road, he's got experience. He's a little more seasoned. I'm not saying he's got an insurmountable ego, but at some point, he won't want to compromise. The same could be said of any assistant in the NFL, though one has to wonder whether Shanahan's abrupt departure from Cleveland is a sign of things to come.

It does appear that Quinn and Shanahan are on the same page. For example, Quinn is obviously sipping the zone blocking scheme Kool-Aid. There is no controversy to be had here, folks. It's simply a question of where Quinn fits in going forward.

So what do you think? How does Quinn impact the offense going forward? Discuss!