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The worst moment of your Falcons fandom

This ought to be fun, except not at all.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

You guys gave us some good answers to your favorite Falcons moment of all-time, ranging from Michael Vick in his explosive prime to Morten Andersen's NFC Conference Championship-winning field goal to the 2012 playoff triumph over the Seahawks, and reaching back as far as Big Ben Right. We must now turn out eyes to the other side of the coin, unfortunately.

Today, we're discussing the worst moment of your fandom. As was the case last time, this could be a moment in a game, an entire game, multiple days, whatever. We're just looking for the lowest you've felt as a fan.

You can probably guess my choice. While the Super Bowl loss was just about as crushing an experience as I can recall in my years of sports fandom, Bobby Petrino's departure was the lowest moment I remember. We had already seen Vick arrested, which was a ruinous moment in its own right, but now here was a snake of a coach who had been in Atlanta less than a year bolting for a college job and leaving his players and staff in a lurch with little more than a typed-out note. The Falcons happily rebounded the very next year, but at the moment I learned Petrino had left, I felt like the football team I love was in shambles, and that a quick fix was all but impossible. While time has taken away the sting, it hasn't made me loathe Bobby Petrino any less.

Share your worst moment in the comments, if you would.