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Dan Quinn: Atlanta Falcons offense will emphasize balance and explosiveness

Fact: the Falcons are strongly considering playing Matt Ryan at left guard this season

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons fans can't stop talking about Dan Quinn's defensive vision. He's like that Taco Bell chihuahua: fun, friendly, and incredibly marketable. To be fair, it's pretty exciting to see him at the helm. After years of insufferable and wildly inconsistent defense, there's reason to hope. But what about the offense?

The Falcons offense has struggled its fair share in recent years. From poor play calling to untimely injuries, the offense hasn't fulfilled its potential. Even so, with a more aggressive, balanced approach, the Falcons offense could be among the deadliest in the league. The good news is that Quinn isn't Mike Smith wants to milk every bit of potential from the offense.

"We're going to be an explosive team," Quinn said. "We have some explosive players, and it's our job to help feature those players. To me, teams that are always the most challenging are the guys that have a balance and so, that explosiveness, combined with teams that know how to run it and feature the quarterback, and all the unique stuff that Matt does, those are the things you'll see from our team."

It's easy to read into statements like this - it's exactly what you want to hear as a frustrated Falcons fan. But I'll be honest, I really believe Quinn. I really believe that he will fix the defense. I also really believe that he will ask the offense to put the pedal to the floor and leave it there. It should be a radical departure from what we're used to seeing, and if that doesn't excite you, then I don't know what would.

Your thoughts?