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Falcons Fake Noise Scandal Punishment to be "Severe"

You had to expect the punishment would not be, "fair and understandable."

Boo. This. Man.
Boo. This. Man.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons were reportedly being investigated only a few months ago for two years of pumping the stadium full of fake noise while the team's egregiously bad defense was on the field.

And when it comes to things that do not embarrass Roger Goodell or the New England Patriots, investigations are speedy quick. Brace yourself.

Exactly what "severe" means is unclear. Will the team get a big fine? Probably. Will they lose one, if not multiple early draft picks? Probably.

Goodell has previously punished teams with first round picks, multiple early to mid-round selections, and late picks, depending on the scandal. Plenty of teams have been believed to have pumped in fake crowd noise, but so far, no one has been punished for doing anything of the like.

Based on recent history, this "severe" punishment will be worse than anything fans have predicted.