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A breakdown of Kroy Biermann's one-year contract with the Falcons

The veteran defensive end returned to the Falcons, and his contract suggests he has a chance to start.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Kroy Biermann's return led to one of the great comment threads in Falcoholic history, but most were at least willing to wait and see what the terms of Biermann's contract were before freaking out. We now have that contract for the Don't Be Tardy star and versatile defender.

Biermann's contract is more than the veteran minimum, which I anticipated, but it is significantly less than the $4 million ($3.05 salary, $1 million signing bonus) he made in 2014. The money is a mild surprise given that no one was sure Biermann was coming back as a true reserve or not. A reminder that we spoke to Biermann in April to get his take on the new defense.

That's the kind of money you give to a top backup who you expect to contend for a starting job, and that's what about should be expected from Biermann in 2015. There will be sticker shock with that number, of course, but the reality is that a guy who played starter's snaps last year and got 4.5 sacks isn't going to land somewhere on a veteran minimum deal, even if his market didn't exactly seem robust.

Ideally, he'll sub in for starters on the front seven and get something like 40% of the snaps in all, but chances are he'll start a handful of games along the way due to injuries. He'll at least be given the chance to compete for a starting gig, but whether he'll get it is an open question given that the Falcons have added multiple players who can handle linebacker and end.

If Biermann plays well in 2015, he's got an opportunity to land another long-term contract from the Falcons or another team. Chances are he'll have to do so in fewer snaps than he's used to having, but hopefully that'll make Biermann—and the defense—more effective.