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The FalcFans podcast talks Kroy Biermann and Falcons free agency, featuring The DW

What's the reaction to Kroy Biermann? You can probably guess.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons suddenly became active again in free agency this week, nabbing a pair of tight ends and bringing back Kroy Biermann. That's worth discussing, and the FalcFans podcast is on it for their 106th episode.

The DW joins Allen Strk and Aaron Freeman on the podcast this week with Biermann thoughts aplenty, and then the dyanmic trio moves into the tight end signings, the Michael Bennett rumors and what lies ahead for this Falcons team. You will want to listen immediately, so abandon your plans and/or your family for an hour or so and immerse yourself in the velvet voices of our podcast team.

And even if you're not used to seeing a perspective that's a little less sunny than you might get from me, I assure you these guys are not Saints fans.

Check out the full episode here.