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CB Phillip Adams on Dan Quinn, facing Roddy White and Julio Jones

New Falcons cornerback Phillip Adams spoke to the Atlanta media this week about his experience with Dan Quinn, his thoughts on facing Roddy White and Julio Jones in practice, and more.

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Cornerback Phillip Adams has been a bit of a journeyman in his career, with stops with the 49ers, Patriots, Seahawks, Raiders and Jets. During his time in Seattle, Adams had the opportunity to work with Falcons head coach Dan Quinn, and his experience with Quinn and the relationship they have developed was part of the draw when Adams signed with the Falcons.

A common theme with the defensive players who spoke to the Atlanta media this week, Adrian Clayborn, O'Brien Schofield and Phillip Adams, was their respect for Dan Quinn and their excitement about playing for him in Atlanta. "I think the biggest thing relationship with Dan [Quinn], liking his style and the energy that he brings to his squad," Adams said. "So that's really what brought me to Atlanta, just to be around that again."

Quinn has a reputation for putting players in the best position to succeed, and that's certainly part of the draw for Adams. "I think that he does put his players in the best possible situations, and I think that it shows on game day," said Adams, "because the competition and the fun that we have, it's shown well, because it starts in practice and things like that through the preparation, and of him just having the knowledge of, okay, this guy can do this good; this guy can do this good, so I'm going to put him in that position to be able to make plays, to work to his strengths. And that's a great thing."

When a player has spent time with so many teams over the course of his career, like Adams has, the idea of finding a destination where he can settle in and stay a while must be appealing, but that's not Adams' top focus. "Well, first of all, I just thank the people who have given me the opportunity, you know? But my main goal is to come in here, do what I've got to do to make this team better," Adams said. "Go in there and compete every day in practice just to get better. I don't think too much about tomorrow or anything like that. I just focus on what I have to do today, and I think everything else will take care of itself instead of worrying about what's going on."

Adams knows that he can help his case by giving it his all on the field, and he's eager to do exactly that. "I think that me being able to play to my strengths and do things that I can do well in the defense, that will be a plus for me," Adams said. "But like I said, try to make everyone around me better, from receivers to the DBs, man. We just go in there and compete and have fun every single day. Pure energy, have fun, and I'm ready to get back to it, man."

While it remains to be seen how Adams will fit into the Falcons' defensive plans, Adams is open to being used in any way that helps the team. "That'll be something you'll have to ask [Quinn]," Adams said. "I think he has a good plan for what he's had me do in the past, but he will stick me in wherever he feels is necessary -- wherever I can help the team out. So that'll be a question that you'll probably have to ask him."

One thing young Falcons cornerbacks have said consistently is that going up against receivers like Julio Jones and Roddy White in practice has helped them develop their coverage skills. Adams is looking forward to that challenge as well. "Every day you want to go in there and compete. You want to compete against some of the best, and on the opposing side, we have that. You have that on offense," Adams said. "So the receivers -- Roddy and Julio and those guys, man -- they're great athletes...and I'm looking forward to going in there and competing with those guys in a collective group -- everyone getting better every day."