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NFL Draft 2015: Chicago-bound and changing fast

The NFL Draft won't be the same experience as in years past, and we're not sure if that's a good thing or not.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

You have to have a certain appetite for hearing a lot of names in close proximity to really enjoy the NFL Draft. For the average fan, it's an opportunity to learn who your new players are going to be, and for the editors of this fine site and others like it, it's a lot of fast-paced work that occasionally leads you to post about the Falcons drafting Jadeveon Clowney.

For 2015, though, the NFL Draft is changing. No longer will it be at Radio City Music Hall, and mercifully, it won't be happening in May this year, either. Instead, they'll head to Chicago for the 80th annual draft, and there'll be a few alterations to the proceedings.

The biggest change for anyone actually at the draft will be on the third day, when the NFL will kick the proceedings outside to what they're calling "Selection Square" in Grant Park. Teams will also be able to announce their picks from a remote location, which means the team can pick up their fifth rounder from the comfort of Flowery Branch. There's no major changes to the actual format outside of that, but the willingness to experiment a little bit is something.

It won't change the viewing experience overmuch, but I'm always hopeful the NFL will find a way to make the draft a little less unwieldy for those of us who wind up watching most or all of it. If nothing else, though, we can look forward to Todd McClure announcing one of the team's picks.