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2015 Falcons Draft Profile: Maxx Williams

The number one tight end in this draft class could once again give Matt Ryan that safety blanket we have desperately lacked.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Prospect: TE Maxx Williams, Minnesota

Measurements: 6'4", 250 lbs

Projected Round: Late 1st, Early 2nd


By far, Williams looks to be the most polished pass-catching tight end in this year's class. With his prototype size and athleticism, he would be a major stepping stone in any team's attempt to pass the ball.

To go with the size, Maxx possesses a great feel for defenses, and will consistently beat his man going into routes and especially so in the end-zone. Every play he seems to give complete effort; frequently making catches on passes you'd just expect to sail over him. A lot of the time you'll see him wide open, as he uses his body and understanding of the game to create separation and find weak points in the opposing defense.

He is criticized as a blocker, but don't look too much into that. He is just good enough to get in the way and either give a runner enough space to navigate through or keep him off of the passer for a reasonable amount of time. Williams' bread and butter is his pass-catching ability.


As stated above, the biggest complaint you can have on Maxx Williams is his blocking. He rarely man-handles his defender and doesn't exactly take them out of the play. Really all you can hope for is that he gives an effort and keeps them busy.

While Maxx is one of the more athletic athletes coming out of college, his straight line speed doesn't pop out as Graham-like. He's looks much quicker on tape than what he showed at the combine.

With the Gophers, Williams played in a run-heavy scheme was was never the featured weapon that he could have been. While this isn't a major concern, it might translate to a slower acclimation to the speed of the NFL.


Maxx Williams is the best tight-end in a painfully deprived draft class. However, his athleticism and pass catching abilities are extremely impressive, and would make for a great fit in a Falcons offense desperately needing someone with that exact skill-set. As I was writing this piece, the Falcons signed tight ends Jacob Tamme and Tony Moeaki. While neither exactly satisfy the need for a long-term tight end, it just may alter the Falcons' draft strategy this April.

Would you spend our 2nd round pick on Maxx? Leave your thoughts and requests below!